Parias Ensemble is an instrumental group that has been ongoing since 2007. Creating a medium that combines notated and non-notated sonic ideas; rendering sources from new music, rock, jazz, South American and improv.

Clarinets & Sax / Vasko Dukovski 

Bass / Alexi David

electronics / Brett Sroka

  Drums & Percussion / John O'brien

Guitars /

Luis Ianes & Daniel Reyes Llinas

Parias Ensemble has always been about musical ideas and performing experiences that didn’t fit any particular genre or musical practice, and by force or by nature of the project itself it worked as a sort open experience where its conformation and particular aesthetics interests of the members of the ensemble over the years marked the direction of the music. 

Improvised and written material coexist with a mix of acoustic and electronic sound elements, as well as literary, philosophical and geographical references, all together always drifting towards the outskirts and fringes of accepted conventions and boundaries.

It is easy to imagine that this nontraditional practice towards creation could be a bless or a curse as an artistic credo. It depends on the point of view: a bless, because there is nothing to feel attached to, nothing to fear or to honor or respect…we are outcast from the correctness, we are pariahs and we are free…and of course, a curse because we are pariahs, and life in the outskirts of music society has plenty of inconveniences and discomforts. Although this might seem contradictory, here, in this friction, is where we always have found the force and the joy of making music together.

 Founded in 2007 by Daniel Reyes Llinas and Luis Ianes in New York City, Parias Ensemble has been as our most meaningful and honest effort to express our multi-cultural life and diverse interests in music creation. This particular music session took place in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, where Vasko Dukovski (Macedonia) on clarinets, Brett Stroka (US) on electronics, Daniel Reyes Llinas (Colombia) on electric guitar and Luis Ianes (Arg/Uru) on guitar and electronics met in one our most emblematic place of practice, performance and rehearsal and worked towards an improvised material based on some original ideas inspired by this particular topographical landmark of our music. 

Many musicians and friends have collaborated over the years with Parias, each one of them bringing their own particular vision to the music, among them: Claire Cowan, Caleigh Drane, Carlos Cordeiro, Jude Traxler, Valerie Kheune, Mariel Roberts, Ivan Barenboim, Frantz Loriot, Alexis David, John O’Brien, Pascal Niggenkemper, Emilio Teubal, Marta Topferova, Joe Hertenstain and many more…we thanks all of them for the music and love over the years!